Monday, January 28, 2013

Review of Lexi, Baby by Lynda LeeAnne

Lexi, Baby
Alexis Sky Martine thinks of herself as the average girl-next-door that does what she has to do to get by, have fun and enjoy life.
She is madly in love with her sexy, drop-your-panties-at-first-sight, hottie boyfriend who is equally in love with her; more like downright obsessed. He treats her like she is his heart; like he needs her to exist; like he would do anything in his power to make her happy.
Lexi knows Landyn James loves her just as much as she loves him, if not more. Deep down, she also knows high school sweethearts aren’t expected to last, but their relationship is different. They are soul mates. Their connection is unbreakable.

What could possibly go wrong when you have love like that...?
What will the future hold...?
Only time will tell.

Author's Note: Contains Adult Content – Namely, a teenager-turned-woman with a very dirty mouth and fiery temper that may or may not know how to throw a punch. Also includes hot and steamy scenes, and a small glimpse into physical/verbal abuse.
Drama, drama, drama! This book is full of it. The synopsis doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of all that happens in this book. I laughed, I cried a little bit, and the sex scenes were pretty hot! Really, really enjoyed this book. And the ending-- holy cow. Can't wait for Trish's book! Come on already! 4 stars, would definitely recommend it!

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