Sunday, June 30, 2013

Book Bash 2013!

Book Bash 2013!
I was fortunate enough to attend Book Bash 2013 in Orlando, Florida! Given that I live in Orlando, there was no question that I would attend! My only wish was that Brittany could've joined me for the day so that we could've done this post together. However, I think I had enough fun today for the both of us! 

Meeting with the Authors

Every single author I met today was friendly and thankful! There were about 500 people at this signing, yet all the authors took the time to say thank you and held a conversation for a minute or two. These authors are so grateful for their readers, and that was very obvious today. I will admit, I am pretty camera shy, but I promised Brittany I would post some pictures on here of the authors that I met. 

 Yes! That's me and Kristen Proby! Have you read her Away with Me in Seattle Series? If not, it is a MUST read. We talked for a few minutes about Luke Williams (my favorite in the series). Apparently he brought her Starbucks and I missed him by a few minutes! UGH! She was such a genuine person and I loved meeting her!

CJ Roberts! No big deal right?! OMG. So after I fangirled over her, we started talkng about Caleb! I told her I could not believe she made me fall in love with him! She laughed! CJ Roberts was such a pleasure to meet and an amazing writer. Have you read the Dark Duet Series? It is a MUST read!

A.L. Jackson!! I know, I know! Amazing right?! She was seriously the sweetest person! She was so grateful and appreciative. I truly enjoyed talking with her. I let her know what an amazing writer she is and how much I have enjoyed her work. My favorite book of hers is Take This Regret. One of the most beautiful love stories I've ever read!

The Book Signing!

My expeirence today is beyond words. I'm not sure if I will ever be able to describe my time at Book Bash! Not only are these authors amazing at writing, but they are also genuine and wonderful individuals. I loved getting to meet fellow readers and bloggers. I was able to meet Cathy and Ellen from The Book Bellas! They were so much fun and because of them I now have a MUST MUST read list. I also got to hang out with Melannie from Wine Relaxation, and MY Kindle who was a lot of fun and loved talking books with her! I hope everyone that loves to read as much as I do, gets to experience a book signing. 

Did you attend Book Bash? If so, what was your experience like? Brittany and I wanna know! :)


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