Saturday, June 22, 2013

KELLAN KYLE for #NACrushTourney CHAMP!

Attention, please! We have a little announcement!

Some very exciting news...

If you have been following our Facebook page or Brittany's Twitter account, then you know how extremely excited we are to be representing KELLAN freakin' KYLE-- yes, the Kellan Kyle, lead singer of the D-Bags, rock god extraordinaire-- in the very first NA Crush Tournament at NA Alley! So when we first realized that WE, little old us, would be repping Mr. Kyle in this tournament, there may or may not have been a little bit of this involved...

And maybe a lot of this going on...
Because, let's face it, we are total S.C. Stephens and D-Bag fangirls!

We're obsessed. It's probably unhealthy. Especially for Bianca. She finds a way to insert "SexyKK" into every imaginable conversation, whether it's relevant or not. But that's OK. Totally understandable. He is HOLY FREAKIN' SWOON-WORTHY.
But then, once things settled down, we decided to get serious. After all, Kellan deserves the best! So we've been all over Facebook and Twitter trying to get as many people on #TeamKellan as we can. We might have turned into stalkers and spammers, but it's for a good cause, right?
We know you all LOVE Kellan as much as we do, so WE NEED YOUR HELP! Kellan deserves to WIN this thing! We need as many of you as we can get to shout it from the rooftops that KELLAN IS OUR ULTIMATE CRUSH! Here's what you can do to see Kellan straight through to the WINNER'S CIRCLE!
1. VOTE! The way for Kellan to win this thing is to have as many people as possible to vote for him! Kellan's first match is on JULY 2nd against that pesky Will Cooper from Slammed. (Just kidding, we're both obsessed with Will, but we are ALL about KELLAN right now!)

How to vote:
visit NA Alley's NA Crush Tournament page HERE on the day of the match. Voting will be open for 24 HOURS ONLY, so we have to make it count! Get your family, your friends, your followers-- anyone you can think of-- to vote their little hearts out. I believe only 1 vote per person is allowed, so be sure to vote #TeamKellan!

2. PIMP! Spread the Kellan love. Post to your Facebooks, Twitters, Blogs, anywhere you can think of and tell the world why YOU think Kellan should be #1 CRUSH! I mean, it's pretty obvious, isn't it... But we need you to share, share, share! We have some graphics available, feel free to re-post them to your heart's desire! If posting on Twitter, be sure to use hashtag #NACrushTourney and #TeamKellan! Have everyone you know change their profile pics to support Kellan, share our street team page, link to this blog or to NA Alley, anything you want-- just help us spread the word! Every vote counts!

3. BE ACTIVE! Join the #TeamKellan Street Team on Facebook HERE. We're also on Goodreads (although, not quite as actively) HERE. Tell us why YOU love Kellan and what makes him your favorite crush! Have an artistic side? We would love to see some pics, pic quotes, poems, videos, songs, anything you can think of to help generate interest would be wonderful. We will do our very best to include each and every thing you guys send us in our "Kellan Campaign" and we love hearing from you all!

4. POST! Bloggers! You're able to reach more people than anyone! Any extra posts you can do would be greatly appreciated! If you can post a day before or ON match day, that would be even better! We really need your help spreading the word, you guys are the best!

Here are a few of the graphics we've made so far. We're expecting more any time now, and we'll be sure to post them as soon as they're available. Right click and save to your heart's desire. Change your profile pic, add a button to your blog (we recommend linking back to NA Alley if you do this!), use our #TeamKellan Facebook banner, anything you want! You guys are amazing; you rock, and we SO appreciate your help with this!!

We also want to give a big THANK YOU to Adriana (from Rotten Apple Reads) and Aly (from White Zin Bookends) for their help and dedication to #TeamKellan. These ladies are wonderful, follow their blogs! ;-)






xo Brittany & Bianca


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