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Review & Giveaway: Elsker by ST Bende!

Elsker (The Elsker Saga #1)Title: Elsker (Elsker Saga #1)
Author: ST Bende
Age Group: New Adult
Publication Date: April 22nd 2013
Published by: Entranced Publishing


You don’t win the heart of an immortal assassin without making a few enemies along the way.

Kristia Tostenson prefers Earl Grey to Grey Goose and book clubs to nightclubs, but when she transfers from her one-stoplight town to Cardiff University in Wales she falls in love with Ull Myhr.  Her new boyfriend isn’t exactly what she was expecting.  He’s an honest to goodness Norse God - an immortal assassin fated to die at Ragnarok, the battle destined to destroy Asgard and Earth.  Kristia’s crazy visions are the only thing that can save their realms.  Her orderly life just got very messy.
My Review: 

I was fortunate enough to "meet" ST while we were both campaigning for our guys in the NA Crush Tournament. Bianca and I are advocates for Kellan Kyle from Thoughtless and ST, of course, was Team Ull! She's super sweet and was generous enough to get me a copy of Elsker! Reading the post that his advocates wrote up for the tournament had me sold on him and I was really excited to read this one! It did not disappoint one bit!
Sometimes when reading books that have a lot of mythology woven into them, it's easy to get overwhelmed with it. At least for me. This wasn't the case with Elsker. There was just enough to keep my attention and create a really interesting and exciting story, but not so much that I had trouble wrapping my head around it, especially considering that I knew nothing about Norse Mythology going into this novel. Well, unless you count drooling over Chris Hemsworth as Thor.
As far as Ull goes, I loved him. I loved his chivalry, his protective nature, and his romantic side. I especially like his tight sweaters and church waffles (he eats them with jam, and he shares... you'll see). I also loved Kristia. She was real and relatable and extremely brave, the kind of girl I could see myself being friends with. As far as the supporting characters go, they were all wonderful. I was especially fond of Inga, so I'm really excited to start reading the prequel, Tur.
I won't go into too much detail about the plot because I would hate to spoil anything, but I will say that there are quite a few little surprises! There are laugh-out-loud moments and I was pulled right in from the very first page. This book was nearly impossible to put down and I'm dying for the sequel. There isn't a cliffhanger in this one, but it will definitely leave you wanting much, much more. The next book in this series, Endre, is due out in September!

About the Author:
Before finding domestic bliss in suburbia, ST Bende lived in Manhattan Beach (became overly fond of Peet’s Coffee) and Europe… where she became overly fond of the musical Cats. Her love of Scandinavian culture and a very patient Norwegian teacher inspired the ELSKER series. She hopes her characters make you smile and that one day pastries will be considered a health food.
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ST Bende has been kind enough to offer a giveaway for a digital copy of Elsker to one lucky winner!
Giveaway will run until 7/14
Winner will be contacted on or shortly after 7/15
Good luck!

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