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Review: Sometime Soon by Debra Doxer


Dating is making Andrea Whitman miserable, and she’s not just tired of it, she’s jaded.

She wonders if an attractive, successful woman with a strong sense of right and wrong can find love in a fast-paced, inked-up, follow-the-path-of-least-resistance kind of world. Andrea admits she's choosey, and she can be opinionated. But after years of dating, she would settle for kindness, consideration, and some chemistry. In her pursuit of those traits, she has been insulted, demeaned, and more than a little hurt. She is ready to give up on finding a relationship to concentrate on more attainable goals like success in her high-tech career, and being a good friend and sister. But those friends, and her family, will not allow her to throw in the towel.   

Andrea isn’t lacking dates. Her cup is overflowing, and there’s one man who has potential. The chemistry between them is undeniable. But when Andrea lets the disappointments of her past affect the relationships of her present, she risks losing one of the good guys when he finally does come along.


 I would like to thank the author for providing me with an eARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

When I first started this book, I had no idea what to expect. What I received was a breath of fresh air. The best way to describe this book is real. The characters are real. The story line flows really well and I really enjoyed the writing style. Andrea Whitman is a young, intelligent, attractive female that just has not found the right guy. Her family and friends insist that she find someone to settle down with. Andrea is content with herself and is waiting for the right one. How many times have we read books, where the main character, sacrifices herself in some way or another to get the guy? Too many times! This author gives us a head strong woman that knows what she deserves. However, she has a tendency to think with her brain and not always with her heart. I think that was a challenge for Andrea.

Andrea had a lot of suitors and I really enjoyed that the book was not predictable. I really had no idea who she would choose. So many books present insta-love and insta-attraction, but the author does a great job with character development.  You enjoy getting to know the men as Andrea gets to know them.  Some I rooted for, than others, but overall I was happy with the individual that stole Andrea’s heart.

I love that I was able to completely relate to Andrea. As someone who has been through a lot of the dating disasters and awkwardness it was refreshing to read a story where I could see myself in a character. I love that as a reader, we were able to experience the inner struggles regarding relationships that Andrea had to deal with. There were times where I wanted to shake Andrea and tell her to stop interfering with her own happiness! I think she heard me, because by the time it came down to end, she stopped over thinking and just LIVED.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a refreshing story about life, love, romance, and waiting for what you deserve. 

Reviewed by Bianca xo

About the Author

Debra Doxer has always loved to write. She also loves to read, often finishing several books a week. Debra works as a writer in the network and software security field. For fun, she writes fiction novels.

Debra lives with her family outside of Boston and is currently working on her next book.

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