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Review: Say Yes by Tara West

Title: Say Yes (Something More #2) 
Author: Tara West
Publication Date: October 8, 2013
Genres: New Adult, Romance

Andrés, why can’t it be enough that I love you? That I want to spend forever with you. Why must you expect so much more? I’m not ready for marriage and a family. I don’t know if I ever will be.
Christina, I need to know that what I’m putting into this relationship isn’t all for nothing. To me, you mean everything. But I won’t be your stepping stone. Because as much as it would kill me, if you refuse to commit to something more, I will walk away.
Will Christina ever be ready? Will Andrés stay or walk? Will their love endure or is it doomed before they even have a chance?


Say Yes begins six months into Andrés and Christina’s relationship. They are more in love than ever. While Andrés is thinking of the future, Christina is completely content with how things are now. Their relationship is rocked to their core when they both realize that they have different views on what forever looks like.

I absolutely loved this follow up with Say When. The writing, the characters, everything was even better than the first! I really enjoy this writer’s style of writing. She doesn’t fluff up the chapters with drama. She goes for it and makes it hard to put this book down. Andrés is not the typical blonde blue eyed man. He is tanned and beautiful. He has culture and we are engrossed in it throughout the book. Tara West gives her characters substance and I believe this is why I have enjoyed the series thus far.  Her characters are REAL and relatable.

With the love between Andrés and Christina is stronger and deeper than ever, jealousy and insecurities threatens to rip them apart. And just when you think nothing else could go wrong, there’s a huge twist in the story. I think I was left with my mouth hanging open. Literally. It was such a great twist though, it added depth to the story and made me love the characters even more.

Overall, this was an amazing follow up! The only thing I wish is that this book was longer so that we could spend more time with Andrés   * dreamy sigh *. If you are looking for a refreshing read with a loving and romantic leading man that loves harder than anyone, then this is the book for you. Love heals all things. This book attests to that. I cannot wait for the third book in the series, Say Forever. 

**Check out my FOUR star review of book one, Say When, HERE!**

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About the Author
A former Texas high school teacher, I enjoyed coaching the writing team and even the hectic deadlines that came with running the school publications. After taking a break to raise my baby girl, I now work from home as a cover artist.

In my spare time, I loves to read, exercise and spend time with family and friends. I contribute the cover art for my Whispers Series and have designed covers for over 500 other books.

Please visit me at http://www.tarawestauthor.wordpress.com/ or www.tarawest.com where you can check out my Whispers series and sample my artwork.

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  1. Thanks so much! Say Forever will be the longest book in the series, so you will get lots more of Andres. Yum! Projected release date is December 19. :)


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