Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall For New Adult!

Fall for the new New Adult: a campaign to spread the word that New Adult is expanding into new and exciting categories like Historical, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Gothic, and more! Follow along to find out why best-selling NA authors & NA bloggers are excited to see New Adult expand outside of contemporary. (Full schedule can be found here.) And as an incentive to give the new NA a try, the Fall for New Adult bundle set will be available for a limited time. Set includes 4 great non-contemporary NA novels for only $3.99!

I have to say, I was perfectly content with contemporary New Adult books. I loved them, in fact. College setting? Loved. Schmexy action? Loved. Characters I could relate to more than the Young Adult line-up? Definitely enjoyable. But then I came across a few other books like Strength by Carrie Butler that delves into a supernatural world and Speak Easy by Melanie Harlow that sparked my love for historical romance. Who knew gangsters could be so hot?! And now I often find myself wanting more from my New Adult books. Especially when all of the contemporary these days starts to look the same and all run together, I want something fresh, something different. I'm still a sucker for a good contemporary romance, but I think we could all stand to spice it up a bit every once in a while. This is why I'm so excited to see New Adult expanding and I can't wait to try some of these new titles!

We want to know why YOU want to see NA expand too! Join the campaign by grabbing the gif. above and blogging/tweeting about why YOU want to see NA expand! #NACampaign

Purchase the Fall for New Adult bundle set here!

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