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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Escaping Me by Elizabeth Lee

Title: Escaping Me
Author: Elizabeth Lee
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Publication Date: July 30th

All she wanted to do was forget. Forget the memory of walking in on her boyfriend in the middle of, well, another girl. Forget how she had her entire life planned out. And, forget about being perfect all the time. Unfortunately, she was Whitney Vandaveer and despite the fact that she moved to the middle of nowhere – she couldn't.

He always knew he would never be more than nothing. No job, no money, no future. Cole Pritchett had accepted the fact that he would always be the screw up and he was okay with it. Until he met her.

Here's the thing they quickly found out – sometimes we all need a little help escaping who we think we are.

My Review
After reading the blurb for Escaping Me, I was really excited to start it. I really enjoyed Elizabeth's novel, Give Me Something, so I had a feeling I was really going to love this one as well. And there was a lot to love about it. This story is told in alternating POVs and the transition between them was flawless and often very funny. I became easily invested in both of the main characters, Whitney and Cole.
Whitney is escaping to her mother's country home for the summer to spend time with her estranged Mother and sister, and to try to get over the shock and heartache at catching her now ex-boyfriend in bed with another woman. She's used to playing the role of perfect girlfriend and daughter and finally decides to make her own decisions and live her life for herself. Cole is a fairly typical "bad boy." He had a difficult upbringing-- an alcoholic mother and a father who spent most of his life in prison-- and is starting over in a new town, while trying to stay out of trouble. He's also had his share of heartache to get over, and both Whitney and Cole have to work hard to get past who they think they are.
Cole was pretty dreamy. I could tell from his first line that I would have to make room in my heart for another book boyfriend. He put on a good act, but he was a sweetie at heart. Whitney was a very likable character, not your typical "privileged" girl. She was strong, although she needed to work pretty hard to bring that out. I loved the supporting characters. Whitney's mother, and especially sister, were very fun and so supportive.
As far as the novel as a whole... I feel as though it had a really strong start. I was interested in the characters and the story from the very first page and was really excited to see how everything played out. It was a pretty quick read for me and definitely held my interest. There were definitely some pretty steamy scenes and some of them were pretty hot! Unfortunately, I feel like it fizzled out a bit towards the end and I wasn't left feeling as satisfied with the ending as I had hoped. I thought that everything ended as it should have, but there was just something missing for me. I also feel like a lot of the problems that Cole and Whitney had, individually and as a couple, were resolved a little too easily. Of course I was happy when things worked out for them, but sometimes it seemed a little... anticlimactic. Overall, I liked it a lot, but didn't absolutely love it. I'm still looking forward to reading more from Elizabeth, I do like her writing style. If you're looking for a fun, summer read, light on the angst, then I definitely recommend this one.

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 About the Author:
When I'm not writing or playing the part of wife and mother, you can find me dancing back-up for Beyonce, singing back-up for Miranda, or sunning myself on the beach with a drink in hand. Here's the thing about being born and raised in a small town—you have a very vivid imagination! Now, I channel it all to create stories where the girl always ends up with the right guy, first kisses are magical, and a happy ending is just that!

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